• How to Become Member

    To participate and use the InnoCenter BG activities as benefits, the companies should become members. Members are companies, which address the InnoCenter BG to develop their Proof of Concept (PоC) projects and the companies financially support POC.

    The founders have adopted a Vision as an expression of their mutual understanding and have decided to launch an open network of companies in order to cooperate and achieve the objectives and priorities of the Vision annexed to the Agreement and the irrevocable part of him. Founders signed the InnoCenter founding Agreement that is open to new members.
    Contact person: Nextdoor, Nikolai Kamov,

  • Members

    Apriori OOD

    Alexander Nikolaev Bardarov, manager
    Jivka Ilieva Tomova, managing partner

    APRIORI PRODUCTION HOUSE was established as a production company in 2005. Our company has extensive experience in the production and execution of audio - visual products - commercials, music videos, feature films, television production, 2D and 3D animation films. Our products find a market both domestically and internationally. Advertising ads produced by our company have been broadcasted in many European and Middle Eastern countries, and our film projects are distributed worldwide through MALEE Entertainment & Universal. As a full service production company we cover the entire process of audio-visual production, including finalizing of the process in our own highly professional studio. In the past year, APRIORI PRODUCTION HOUSE expanded its focus by working on creating an Innovative Publishing Media Platform and establishing European partnerships, aiming to develop it into a successful business model. Our main office is in Sofia. We also have representatives in Italy, UK, USA, and Russia.

    +359 899 909 899

  • ARC Consulting EOOD

    Ruslan Stefanov, manager
    ARC Consulting EOOD is the wholly owned consulting arm of the Applied Research and Communications Fund (ARC Fund), Bulgaria - a leading research think-tank in the area of information society, innovation and technology transfer. The company was set up in 2006 with the goal of further developing the experience of ARC Fund into consulting capabilities and commercialization of the knowledge pool, the professional and technical capacity of the organization.


    + 359 2 973 3000

  • Assarel-Medet JSC

    Eng. Delcho Nikolov, Chairman of the Management Board and Executive Director​


  • Ballistic Cell EOOD

    Yulian Petkov, owner and manager
    Ballistic Cell was established in 2010. The company started in a small office with 4 people. Now in the company we have more than 100 employees who deliver solutions to our customers in several countries. The company implements solutions mainly in the field of education, smart city and surveillance field. Among our customers are: key government authorities, big and small municipalities, corporate and small businesses and leading universities.

    +359 2 441 6726

  • Chimcomplect-Engineering Co.

    Krikor Topakbashian, executive director
    Chimcomplect-Engineering Co. is a leading engineering company having more than 56 years of experience in the field of chemical industry, pulp and paper, non-ferrous industry, main and transit gas pipelines (high pressure) and above ground installations. The company activities cover preliminary studies, technical and economical feasibility studies, marketing, basic, FEED and detailed design, procurement services, supervision, commissioning and start up. Chimcomplect-Engineering Company has implemented and maintains Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Occupational Health &Safety and strictly follows the requirements of the standard ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 

    +359 2 920 1292

  • DiTra Ltd.

    Ognian Trajanov, CEO
    DiTra is the CAD/CAM center of TechnoLogica. For over a quarter of a century, it has been helping industrial companies in their technological development providing them with advanced solutions for 3D design, CNC programming, 3D printing, 3D scanning and engineering data management.

    +359 2 91 91 2 /777

  • For Team Consult Ltd.

    Ivailo Iliev, manager
    Partner of medium and large-sized enterprises in developing and implementing programs for organizational transformations, diagnostic and change of organizational culture, talent assessment and development.

    +359 2 944 0785

  • Green Embedded Systems

    Panayot Daskalov, CEO and Co-Owner


    Green Embedded Systems Ltd. is an R&D company specialized in the following main areas:

    · Smart Grid - We offer complete solution for building cost-effective, modular AMI/AMR networks of smart meters.

    · Smart Meters and Controllers - Our meters are with industry leading small sizes (from 1 position DIN rail size, up to 4 position), suitable to install at even the most tightly packed meter cabinets. With superior accuracy (up to class 0.2S), advanced communication and in combination with our advanced data concentrator and CloudAMI software, we bring cost effective Smart Grid solution for everybody.

    · We offer professional design services in the field of embedded systems - including PCB and schematic design, board bring up, embedded firmware, embedded Linux (custom board support packages, drivers, toolchains), prototype manufacturing and testing as well as full management of the development cycle of embedded projects.


    Geotechmin OOD

    Dominic Hamers, executive director

    +359 2 965 02 21

  • Innovation Center Bulgaria EOOD

    Representative of InnoCenter Bulgaria

  • Institute of Information and Communication Technologies at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

    Prof. D. C. Sc. Galia Angelova, director

    Thematic directions: Parallel Algorithms; Scientific Computations; Mathematical Methods for Sensor Data Processing; Linguistic Modelling and Knowledge Processing; Information Technologies for Security; Grid Technologies and Applications; Modelling and Optimization; Information Processes and Decision Support Systems; Intelligent Systems; Embedded Intelligent Technologies; Communication Systems and Services; Hierarchical Systems.

    +359 2 979 6611; +359 2 870 8494

  • Interconsult Bulgaria OOD

    Stoyan Boev, founder and CEO
    Interconsult Bulgaria has been founded in 1996 with main business focus on software development and business consulting. ICB is a leading provider of innovative software solutions in the fields of industrial engineering, maritime, banking and financial services and information technologies.

    +359 2 920 1120

    K&G Consult Ltd.

    Prof. PhD. Eng. Damyan Kashlakev and PhD Eng. Ivan Geshаnov, founders and managers

    +359 899 124 389

    NearSoft OOD

    Vladimir Philipov, manager
    NearSoft is an innovative software company that offers software products and services for digitalization of Manufacturing and Maintenance Operations Management (MOM / APS / MES/ CMMS / EAM). Our MOM4 products enables a gradual migration to an Industry 4.0 enterprise.

    +359 889 66 24 46

  • Nextdoor OOD

    Coordinator of InnoCenter Bulgaria

    Nikolai Kamov, managing partner

    Nextdoor is the first Bulgarian innovation consultancy, established in 2009. We benefit from a wide network of experts and professionals. We believe that the only way to thrive in a world of sweeping change is to embrace innovation as the main driving force.

    +359 2 843 5433

  • Petar Mihaylov & Co Ltd.

    Petar Mihaylov, co-owner and CEO
    Petar Mihaylov & Co is a family-owned company with 20 years of history and 2 main activities: production & trading of a wide range of products for the furniture and interior design industry. The products we manufacture are exported to 6 continents.

    +359 2 979 440

  • Specialized Business Systems AD

    Kiril Zhelyazkov, CEO

    Specialized Business Systems AD was founded in 1990. The main activity of SBS includes: import and export, distribution and servicing of PC components and systems; supply, installation and servicing of computer equipment and office automation; system integration - building complete solutions for information systems - personal computers, servers, basic and applied software - installation, training and consultancy; supply of consumables for computer and office equipment. SBS AD is an authorized business and service partner of Microsoft, Samsung BULL SA, authorized dealer of IBM/Lenovo, Acer Computer, Hewllet Packard, Benq, Canon, Intel, 3Com, Lexmark, Toshiba.


    +359 2 91 945

  • Urban Mobility Center EAD

    Christian Petrov, executive director

    “Urban Mobility Center” EAD exists since 2009 and is the successor of the municipal enterprise “Urban Passenger Transport” established in 1952. It is a trade company 100% owned by Sofia Municipality. “Urban Mobility Centre” EAD deals with analysis for development of environmental and operational aspects of public transport; implementation and operation of intelligent transport systems for public transport; organisation, management, supervision and financing of the public transport in Sofia as an integrated process;
    issuing of transportation documents and collection of the transportation revenues; operation of information-management system for monitoring and supervision of the traffic, based on GPS-identification; operation of unified automated fare collection system (ticketing system); advertising and information services in public transport;
    financing, construction, operation and maintenance of car parks, garages and open space car parks in Sofia – owned by Sofia Municipality and lending of parking spaces.

    +359 2 831 9075

  • Vaptech EOOD

    Vladimir Peev, general manager

    VAPTECH is a Swiss owned, Bulgarian base global supplier of turn-key custom-made solutions and services for the hydropower, metal forming and biomass industries.


    +359 2 984 16 00