• Why Have I Become a Member

    We Will Speed up Processes of Digitisation in a Modern Ecosystem

    Stoyan Boev, manager, Interconsult Bulgaria Ltd.

    Why have you decided to become a founder of InnoCenter Bulgaria?

    – It is weird that some of the new trends are entering Bulgaria very fast and the realization of others is unduly delayed. I think that the digitisation of our society at national level is of low priority. Bulgaria is currently finalizing its Industry 4.0 strategy. Like any radical change, the digital transformation of organizations requires good planning, trained personnel and technological convergence. The InnoCenter should allow managers of different organizations to share freely good practices or unsuccessful approaches. They may as well attend lectures of leading specialists in their own specific production area. Each manager will be able to reduce the transition risk based on the information received from Proof of Concept projects. The InnoCenter will be a focal point of the overall digital ecosystem in the country.

    How do you see the role of your company for the development of the InnoCenter?

    – Our company has successfully developed Internet of Things projects in a number of areas – shipbuilding, metalworking, supermarkets and forest fire protection. We would like to share our experience in implementing these projects with local businesses to help build more successful digitisation strategies for Bulgarian industry.

    We Seek Excellence through Interaction

    Nikolai Kamov, managing partner, Nextdoor OOD

    Why have you decided to become a founder of InnoCenter Bulgaria?
    – In the Summer of 2017 Mr Stoyan Boev proposed that I take over and develop the Vision for the InnoCenter starting from what has been done so far. To my European experience I added information collected from my contacts in the USA, Canada and Singapore – you’ll find the names of those prominent scholars and managers in the list of the advisors of the InnoCenter. We studied thoroughly the experience of governmental agencies, prestigious universities, NGOs and innovative companies, so that we step on a tested ground. The most suitable to the situation in Bulgaria of this we adopted in our Vision as it was approved by the founder members. I am happy we reached a consensus to shape the InnoCenter as a network, a community which is focused on finding solutions to concrete problems related to digitization of different spheres of the economy. The challenge is great not only in relation to the content of the work but also to the mode we’ve chosen. Few believe here in the success of a community effort in this field, in reaching high results by mutuality instead of playing every one for himself.


    How do you see the role of your company for the development of the InnoCenter?
    – I am grateful to the founder members for entrusting to Nextdoor the first one-year mandate as Coordinator of the InnoCenter. We work already eight years in the field of innovations. Nextdoor has real achievements in the transfer of innovative technologies from the world to Bulgaria as well as from Bulgaria to the world. And that in quite diverse spheres – education, industry, construction, agriculture, attraction of foreign investments. Our most treasured asset is our contacts. And this carefully developed network is now at disposal to the InnoCenter.

    With Ideas and Knowledge, We Will Support Efficient Production

    Petar Mihaylov, co-owner and CEO, Petar Mihaylov & Co Ltd.

    Why have you decided to become a member of InnoCenter Bulgaria?
    – To be part of a network of innovative companies where we can work together and develop joint projects as well as to support each other.


    How do you see the role of your company for the development of the InnoCenter?
    – To support with ideas and know-how in the area of efficient manufacturing through innovation as well as finding new members close to our industries.

    Digitisation Means Changes in the Way of Thinking

    Ivailo Iliev, manager, For Team Consult Ltd.

    Why have you decided to become a founder of InnoCenter Bulgaria?
    – As part of our mission we are focused on supporting Bulgarian enterprises in solving the challenges, presented by the changing external environment in a sustainable way. We believe that the new challenges that companies face, will require serious transformations, which will need combining expertise in diverse areas - technology, people, strategy and finance. Being part of a club, which combines leading experts in different areas is an exceptional opportunity for participation in exciting new projects and solutions.


    How do you see the role of your company for the development of the InnoCenter?
    – Our expertise is in the area of human behavior and organizational changes and transformations. We believe, that the challenges, which digitalization will create for organizations will be far more than just technological. Solving them will require serious changes in the way of thinking, behavior and attitude of the people and in the organizational cultures. And this is key part of our expertise.

    Implementation of Innovative Products is Possible only if Communities of People and Organizations Join Forces

    Yulian Petkov, owner and manager, Ballistic Cell EOOD

    Why have you decided to become a founder of InnoCenter Bulgaria?
    – Ballistic Cell delivers solutions in the fields of education and Smart City. In many of our projects we are delivering solutions which are innovative for the specific customer, the country, the region or the whole world. We believe that design, development and implementation of innovative products is only possible if communities of people and organizations join forces and work together towards achieving a specific goal. All stakeholders should be involved in most of the phases of product or innovation development, long time before the innovation could prove to be successful and reach market implementation. We are looking to be active part of such a community.

    How do you see the role of your company for the development of the InnoCenter?
    – Ballistic Cell has experience in design, development, implementation and support of solutions in educational field. The company is continuously developing new products and is looking for other organisations and people with specific interests in education who can share opinion, vision, efforts and resources to dig in the innovation and meet the market requirements. Ballistic Cell is ready to bring to the table: ideas, experienced team and resources to examine, research, design, develop and test new products and ideas.

    We are Involved in Preparation of Strategy and Concept for Industry 4.0

    Vladimir Philipov, manager, NearSoft OOD

    Why have you decided to become a member of InnoCenter Bulgaria?
    – In the near future, Industry 4.0 will determine the environment in which national economies operate, the environment in which we live and work. Like any previous industrial revolution, the new one brings both threats and opportunities. Bulgaria is unprepared for them and experiencing painful lack of specialists in this area. To address these issues, joint action by existing experts in this area is necessary.

    How do you see the role of your company for the development of the InnoCenter?
    – NearSoft is one of the pioneers popularizing the Industry 4.0 idea in Bulgaria. We are actively involved in the preparation of Strategy and Concept for Industry 4.0 at the Ministry of Economy. Along with "NTS Mechanical Engineering - Industry 4.0" already organized two international conferences on the topic in 2016 and 2017. We have published scientific papers and articles on Industry 4.0. With its MOM4 software platform, NearSoft places Bulgaria among the leading countries in Europe in terms of Industry 4.0.

    Critical Mass of Innovative Businesses is Needed

    Todor Galev, senior expert, ARC Consulting EOOD

    Why have you decided to become a founder of InnoCenter Bulgaria?
    – As a part of the Applied Research and Communications Fund we have supported the innovation activities of the Bulgarian enterprises, as well as monitored and analyzed the innovation policies in Bulgaria for more than 25 years now. Two of the basic weaknesses in this area are the insufficient number, I would say critical mass of enterprises introducing innovations, and the lack of a strategic vision for an integrated national policy or the fact that the existing policies are not being implemented. In view of the above, we consider InnoCenter Bulgaria to be an instrument of overcoming both weaknesses. It aims at helping introduce innovative products and services, based on the “Internet of Things” (IoT) in business enterprises by participating in the technological development of these products and services: from identifying the client’s needs to implementing a working prototype and its actual introduction into the client’s production and business processes. Thus InnoCenter Bulgaria positions itself as an innovative hub with the capacity and vision to transform non-innovative enterprises into ones that introduce innovations. On the other hand, the InnoCenter unifies the efforts of highly innovative technological and innovation-support companies to encourage the innovation development in the country, not only business sector-wise but also as regards the spheres of education, training and entrepreneurship. This actually presents the implementation of the basic strategic priorities for the development of a sustainable and long-term innovation policy in Bulgaria.

    How do you see the role of your company for the development of the InnoCenter?
    – ARC Consulting is specialized in the provision of intermediary services to support innovation in economy. Being a coordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network – Bulgaria - part of the largest network supporting the SME sector in Europe, as well as a founder and participant in numerous national and international initiatives in the area of innovation policies and development, we strive to offer two basic types of services, which are meant to complement the “technological” services provided by the InnoCenter. Such is the support aimed at enterprise internationalization and the support to increase enterprise R&D activities. Unlike the “standard” consultancy companies, we seek not to “prepare projects” along with or meant for our clients, but to create the capacity for the enterprises to innovate themselves. In the framework of the InnoCenter we will focus on services such as b2b intermediary for entering the international market, technology transfer from and towards enterprises abroad, support to gain access to EU financing and building the capacity for innovation in the supported enterprises.

    We are Active in Search of Concrete Solutions for Digitisation

    Christian Petrov, executive director, Urban Mobility Centre

    Why have you decided to become a member of InnoCenter Bulgaria?
    – InnoCenter Bulgaria offers a community in which the good practices related to digitization in the economy are freely shared. The topics of Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and sharing experience in innovative solutions to address specific challenges are part of my personal and professional interests. The concept and the vision of InnoCenter Bulgaria responds to my demands as an expert, and I consider that I can actively participate in the dialogue and work to find specific solutions in the field of digitalisation of companies, firms, teams, and thus the society as a whole.


    How do you see the role of the Urban Mobility Center Sofia for the development of the InnoCenter?
    – The Urban Mobility Centre is an organisation that has a team, vision, and capacity to find opportunities for performing specific tasks related to the digitalisation of the processes implemented by UMC.

    Clean Technologies and Digitization of Cultural Heritage are Among Our Priorities

    Corr. Mem. Prof. D. Sc. Svetozar Margenov, director, Institute of Information and Communication Technologies at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

    Prof. Margenov, why have you decided to become a member of InnoCenter Bulgaria?
    The motivation of the Institute of Information Technology for joining the InnoCenter Bulgaria is determined by the mission of the Institute, which includes conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of computer science, information and communication technologies, as well as in the development of innovative interdisciplinary applications of these technologies.

    How do you see the role of the Institute for Information and Communication Technologies for the development of the InnoCenter?
    The role of the Institute for Development of the InnoCenter will be in the priority areas of the Institute as follows:
    a) Building up and development of modern electronic infrastructure, including the National Center for High Performance and Distributed Calculations, as well as the Laboratories for Digitization, Prototyping and Visualization;
    b) Intensive use of e-Infrastructure for interdisciplinary development activities in the priority areas of the Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization;
    c) Strengthening innovation potential and commercialization of applied research results with a focus on digitization, ICT applications in clean technologies, healthcare, ecology and digitization of cultural and historical heritage.

    The Ideas and Goals of InnoCenter Resonate with My Beliefs

    Zhivka Tomova, managing partner, Apriori OOD

    Why have you decided to become a member of InnoCenter Bulgaria?

    As a person who works with passion and commitment and for whom business is a competition won only by those creative, competitive, and brave enough, I’ve always been interested in good causes. The idea behind the InnoCenter Bulgaria resonates with me, its goals reflect with mine, and I believe that with my expertise I can help achieve them. As a legal expert, a consultant of European programs for business financing, and an expert in the area of brand communication, I would like to contribute my knowledge and experience to InnoCenter Bulgaria.


    How do you see the role of your company for the development of the InnoCenter?

    Apriori Ltd. has longstanding experience in the area of advertising and communication, but aside from being a production company, in the past few years the company has developed innovative products in the creative industries field. We work in partnership with IT companies, non-governmental organizations, clusters, and universities in the country and abroad. Uniting and sharing experience, information, network, projects, and products would be beneficial to achieving the goals of InnoCenter Bulgaria.

    We Will Contribute with the Best Project Solutions

    Krikor Topakbashian, executive director, Chimcomplect Engineering AD

    Why have you decided to become a member of the InnoCenter Bulgaria?
    On the first place, your idea of dynamic working groups of different enterprises, which can create new technological solutions. Secondly, the possibility to have access to innovative solutions and upgrade the qualification of our engineers through specialized training forms.
    Chimcomplect Engineering – this is a history and future of new plants design, as well as modernization of the existing installations in the heavy industry, where for the production efficiency is mandatory the implementation of the best modern technological decisions and equipment, which our design should guarantee while all of the ideas are on paper, actually in 3D and BIM model.


    How do you see the role of your company for the development of the InnoCenter?
    If what have motivated me to get involved in the InnoCenter is working - the Center is creating an environment for good solutions - we, with our participation and with the projects developed and realized through our company, will contribute to the dissemination of the innovations, born in the Center.

    Panayot Daskalov, CEO and Co-Owner, Green Embedded Systems OOD

    Why have you decided to become a member of the InnoCenter Bulgaria?
    We hope that we can benefit from the incredible business network and contacts that the InnoCenter provides and that this way we will manage to find new markets and investors for our products. We will be happy to share our extensive experience in developing hardware and software products and systems, for the benefit of the rest of the members and for creating a modern, industrially developed Bulgaria.


    How do you see the role of your company for the development of the InnoCenter?
    We are small but extremelly experienced and motivated team. We believe that one company should aim at developing and producing its own innovative products instead of just copying the big players on the market, working only for outsourcing or the service industry. Those are not bad things themselves, but our ambitions should not stop there. Only this model of development can save Bulgaria after the destruction and robbery it has been suffering for the last 30 years. We hope that, together with the rest of the InnoCenter members, we can contribute to creating such products and promoting this kind of thinking among our government institutions and the Bulgarian business.

    Vladimir Peev, general manager, Vaptech EOOD

    Why have you decided to become a member of the InnoCenter Bulgaria?
    In an ever changing world, VAPTECH has realised that flexibility and reactivity are key to survive on the market. We share the same vision as InnoCenter in the sense that technology, constant revision of business processes and knowledge sharing are key in ensuring a successful future for the Bulgarian industry as a whole.


    How do you see the role of your company for the development of the InnoCenter?
    Working together with InnoCenter and its partners, we can further develop best-practices, and technological revolutions in heavy industry and environmental technologies to find new ways to continue industrial development without damaging the environment.

    Ivaylo Iliev, Managing Partner "Ninety Nine"

    Why have you decided to become a member of InnoCenter Bulgaria?

    We decided to join Innocenter Bulgaria because we were impressed by the format: free collaboration between experts in different fields, motivated by the need to find new and different solutions of challenges unknown so far. We believe that this format holds a huge potential for innovations. We have always strived to introduce new approaches and challenge the status quo in our field. That’s why Innocenter is a club we want to belong to.

    How do you see the role of Ninety Nine for the development of the InnoCenter?

    I think that the digitalization and Industry 4.0 are not just about technological transformation in business. For these changes to become reality, people have to change first – their mindset, expectations and attitude towards work. Changes in strategies and company cultures are also due. All of this belongs to our field of expertise. Our work is to assist the organizations to make successful transformations and we believe that our experience will be of use to the projects initiated by the Innocenter, especially when the people taking part in digital transformation need behavioral changes.