• Advisers

    Professor Doctor of Science Kiril Boyanov is one of the pioneers in the development of computing technologies in Bulgaria. As Director of the Microprocessor Engineering Institute (1986-1992), he led the deployment of many digital devices and personal computers. As Director of the Coordination Center for Informatics and Computing (1993-1996) he led the introduction of the Internet in Bulgaria and as Director of the Institute for Parallel Processing of Information at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (2004-2010) managed numerous national projects and international projects in sixth and seventh framework programs of the European Commission. He is a long-time professor of Computer Architecture and Computer Networks and has trained a large number of graduates and 32 PhD students. Since 2003 he is a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Member of numerous international program committees and expert councils. Winner of prestigious state and international awards.
    Contacts: boyanov@acad.bg

    Georges Panitchersky, Ph.D. is founder (1996) and president of the Canada-Bulgaria Business Council. He has a pertinent experience of over 35 years in governance, business development, strategic and project management, acquired on four continents. As a university professor, he has so far trained over four thousand managers from 27 countries in public and business administration. Honorary Consul of the Republic of Bulgaria in Quebec since 2001, he has received several prestigious awards from governmental and international organizations.

    Bulgaria Has Strong and Structurally Important IT sector

    Dr. Damian Kachlakev is a Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the California Polytechnic State University. He is the founding director of the National Pool Industry Research Center, a unique industry-driven research and development facility dedicated to the needs of the swimming pool industry in the US. Professor Kachlakev is one of the worldwide pioneers of the implementation of advanced fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials for the needs of the civil infrastructure. Professor Kachlakev authored more than 150 papers in the area of FRP for structural applications and durability of structures. He conducted and supervised research totally to over US$5,000,000. Professor Kachlakev is a member of various international committees and organizations developing new standards and guidelines for design, construction and growth of FRP materials used in civil engineering structures.

    New Advanced Composite Materials Solve Complex Problems of Civil Infrastructure

    Contacts: dkachlak@calpoly.edu

    Mr. Martin Angelov is a Vice President in the Project Finance team of the Korea Development Bank (KDB) in Singapore. He is also a Board member to the European Chamber of Commerce (EuroCham) in Singapore. In his spare time, Mr. Angelov works towards strengthening the business and socio-cultural relationships between Bulgaria and Singapore, through the Bulgaria-Singapore Partnership Alliance (BSiP LLP) entity established by him.

    Bulgaria and Singapore Can Successfully Cooperate in IT and Innovation

    Contacts: martin@bsipalliance.com

    Assoc Prof. Velizar Shalamanov, Ph.D. was a Minister of defense of Bulgaria (2014, leading the development of the Vision „Bulgaria in NATO and European Defense“ for the Wales Summit), deputy minister (1998-200, leading the development of the first Military Doctrine and “Defense Reform plan 2004”) and director demand management in NATO Comms and Information Agency (2009-2017, leading transition to the service based, customer funded agency for NATO and Nations). He has an experience of over 33 years in governance, strategic and project management, acquired in Government, NATO, national/international NGOs and consulting business. As an associated professor in Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, he has led many projects for the Government, NATO, EU and US agencies

    IT Leaders Are Strategic Factors in Digitisation

    Prof. Nikolina Popova Ph.D. is Director of the Tourism Program in the International Business School (Bulgaria). Her work as a full-time lecturer has also been focused on curriculum design and development in the field of Tourism, elaboration and launching of validated MSc courses in Tourism, and development and maintaining education-tourism industry links. She has a rich experience in research, project development and management in the field of tourism at national and international level. Prof. Popova was Head of the Tourism Department and Deputy-Dean of the Faculty of Geology and Geography in Sofia University. She was a member of the National Tourism Board In Bulgaria (2006-2013), the Tourism Council of Sofia (2000-2009), and Chair of the National Tourist Council (2006 – 2016). Prof. Popova has received several awards from public and educational institutions for her contribution to tourism education.

    Tourism Needs Radical Innovations through Digital Platforms

    Assist. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Krushkov
    Secretary on Scientific Affairs at Creative Industries and Intellectual Property Department;
    Secretary on Academic Affairs at Creative Industries and Business Institute at the University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria.
    Two decades in the field of homeland security of Bulgaria (last position as Chief of the Political Cabinet of the Minister of Interior of Bulgaria). Several years as Board Member of one of the leading companies in the food production sector of South-Eastern Europe. Honorary Member of the Binational Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria Israel. Fluent in four languages.

  • Veselin Iliev is Director General of “Internal Economic Relations” Department at Bulgarian Industrial Association. As a team leader of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) to BIA he has long term experience in providing SME business support: internationalization and market access; innovation management (IMP3rove and Enterprise Ireland licensed Guide); funding of innovative ideas; technology transfers and commercial cooperation. He is National Contact Point (NCP) for Horizon 2020 – Access to Risk Finance, NCP for EEN in Internationalization and Access to Finance, member of Sector Group Environment within EEN. His professional background lays on economic diplomacy, foreign trade and automotive industry.
    Good command of English language, basic Slovenian, Russian and Serbian
    Contacts: ierc@bia-bg.com

  • Hristo Hristov is a Professor at the Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria, Doctor of Technical Sciences. Scientific interests: Computer & Communications systems; Reliability & Safety; Higher education management. Deputy Minister for Higher Education in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (1989-1991). Executive Director of National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency at its establishment (1996-2000). Rector & Vice Rector of a University. А member of the Academy of Transport of Russia. Awarded with the Honorary Title "Doctor Honoris Causa" at the St. Petersburg State University of Railway Communications. He is currently a certified intermediary of the Chinese International Science and Technology Achievement Transfer Center of Ningbo University of Technology.
    Contacts: ac@epu.bg

  • Prof. DSc. Georgi Popov has been a lecturer in “Mechanical Engineering and Machine Tools" (TMMM) at the Technical University of Sofia for 42 years. He was head of the Department TMMM for 23 years, from 1993 to 2016. His research interests are in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (design, research, modeling, optimization, repair, diagnostics, modernization), as well as in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods in machine building. He has specialized in a number of German universities with scholarships from the “Al. von Humboldt” Foundation and DAАD. He has authored/co-authored over 220 scientific articles in Bulgarian, Russian, German and English, printed in 13 countries, as well as 23 books. His papers were cited more than 250 times in other scientific articles. Prof. Popov is distinguished member of 8 editorial boards of scientific journals published in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria. He is a foreign member of the Academy of Sciences in Higher Education (ANVO) of Ukraine and was awarded with the title "Doctor Honoris Causa" of the Technical University of Varna. Prof. Popov is currently a President of the Bulgarian Scientific and Technical Union of Machine Building "Industry 4.0".

    Contacts: gepop@tu-sofia.bg

  • Lydia Shouleva is a financial and business consultant with over 25 years of experience. Through its consulting company "Business Intellect", established in 1991, she has worked on many projects related to enterprise restructuring and rehabilitation. As Managing Director of Albena Invest Holding, she runs 25 subsidiaries from different sectors of the economy. From 2001 to 2009 Ms. Shouleva is Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Minister of Economy, Member of the European and Bulgarian Parliaments. Since 2009, she has been a member of the United Nations Governing Board, including 16 research institutes from around the world.

    Currently she works as a consultant, mentor and coach. Through individual and group coaching, team building, and specialized seminars, Lydia Shouleva helps management teams identify the strategic steps towards success.

    Lydia Shouleva has a Master's degree in Electronics and Finance, and a number of specializations in the country and abroad, including at Harvard University, USA.
    Contacts: shouleva@business-intellect.com

    Alexander Grancharov is a business professional with an extensive Commercial and General Management experience in FMCG and Telecommunications in Europe. He possesses global mindset, deep consumer understanding, skilled in building management teams and restructuring companies. Able to motivate people and lead teams during change management. Experienced in working, managing and collaborating with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. After 25 years of corporate experience in Coca-Cola, Carlsberg and Vivacom, in 2016 Alexander established his own consulting company “First Kiss”. Currently he is working with teams and senior managers and assists them in change management, restructuring, M&As, digitalization and cross departmental cooperation. He is a graduate of International Relations from University of National and World Economy and a graduate of Business Management from Coca-Cola University.
    Contacts: alex.grancharov@yahoo.com

  • Mihail Kakaradov has been graduated from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" - Liguistics, International Trade Relations at Vienna University of Economics, Master of Advanced International Studies (M.A.I.S.) of the Diplomatic Academy and the University of Vienna. He has been workingas a journalist and translator for BTA - the Bulgarian News Agency, and other Bulgarian print media, later on as an international officer for diverse NGO's, chief of a travel agency branch at Sofia Airport and as a Sales Manager in the automotive trade (Hyundai, than BMW+ Rover)in Bulgaria. For almost 25 years he is living in Austria, where he studied and later on worked as a travel agent and supervisor for companies like Chapman Freeborn and some airlines: Finnair, Maersk Air, CSA and Bulgaria Air as well. Foreign languages: English, German, Russian and basic knoledge of French.

    Contacts: kakaradovmihail@hotmail.com

    Pavel Vlahov - product designer, design engineer, inventor and craftsman. A graduate of the “Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse - specialty “Industrial design”. Founder of Solo Form - product design, development of products and product innovations. Provides services in the field of product design, develops own products and participates in partner projects. Co-founder and co-inventor of several projects: “System of energy savings”, “Bathroom system”, “Multifunctional crutch - 4 in 1”, “Tablet for blind people” and others. Within 15 years, he has gained practical experience in different fields - product design, product innovations and custom products. He has technical skills and experience in handmade custom made products, production of custom handmade products, development of prototypes and organization of small scale production of products. He is able to organize processes for prototype development and experimental models.

    Yordan Bozhilov is President of the non-governmental organization “Sofia Security Forum”. His main activities are related to the preparation of strategic analyzes and studies in the fields of security, defense and international relations, as well as training of young leaders. His professional career includes more than 20 years of experience in the Ministry of Defense, where he has held various expert and management positions and has represented the country in various international organizations. Subsequently he was an analyst at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the field of security and defense. He has numerous articles and interviews on a wide range of issues within his area of ​​expertise.

    Contacts: bozhilov@sofiaforum.bg

    Lubomir Todorov is researcher and lecturer in the interdisciplinary area of civilizational studies, social anthropology, artificial intelligence, global issues, future studies and geopolitics; founder of the Universal Future global strategy. Holds a Ph. D. degree in international economics at the University of

    Economics in Prague, Czechia. Former diplomat and ambassador to Australia and Japan.

    "The mission of human spirit is to confront challenges that civilizationally stand orders higher
    than tribes of Homo sapiens fighting each other"

    Contact: lubomir.m.todorov@gmail.com up for a creative consultation