• InnoCenter Bulgaria is an open innovation community
    that develops effective models for digitisation
    and intelligent solutions.

  • The InnoCenter Bulgaria (InnoCenter BG) is an open community, focused on problem solving, which supports the digitisation of the industrial enterprises in Bulgaria and their transformation into Industry 4.0 companies by improving their capabilities to innovate their business and production processes, products or services.


    By 2020 InnoCenter BG must have established itself as one-stop-shop that helps industrial enterprises in Bulgaria to become more competitive in their business/production processes, and products/services using innovative digital technologies and novel business models.

    (Mission and Vision full text)

    Key Competences

    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Machine learning
    • IT Security
    • Virtual Reality
    • Block chain
    • Innovative methods and technologies in the field of training
    • General data protection regulation (GDPR)


    InnoCenter Bulgaria helps its members to solve technological challenges. We are an environment for collaboration and training. We enhance technical skills and develop design thinking by providing access to technology infrastructure and complementing creative and expert potential for companies and their Proof of Concept projects. We set up working groups on projects to define technological challenges and formulate solutions.


    We create a dynamic ecosystem of interaction between large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and newly established entrepreneurs. InnoCenter Bulgaria is a mediator bringing together suppliers, developers and customers to generate new opportunities, innovative solutions or facilitate the transfer of proven best practices. All the industrial sectors in Bulgaria participate in our community. We support companies from energy and utilities, financial and banking sector, manufacturing and public sector. We cover three of the four thematic priority areas of the National Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization 2014-2020 - ICT, Mechatronics and Health Industry, Biotechnology.

  • Activities

    InnoCenter BG offers access to technology, expertise and physical space for Prove of Concept projects. The duration of a project is up to 6 weeks. We organise events, focused on enhancing innovation. We provide specialized trainings to help members and clients increase their innovation capabilities.
    In addition, InnoCenter BG's portfolio includes the services that the members provide in their own business activities.

  • InnoCenter BG provides to its members:

    Need assessment, consulting and software development for digitisation and IoT.

    Capacity building and know-how transfer on both technological and “soft” business skills (incl. investment readiness, internationalisation, and IPR management).

    Increasing members’ “organizational openness to change” by providing learning-by-doing and structured learning opportunities for increasing innovation capacity to their key experts in digitisation.

    Fast (up to 6 weeks) PoC projects.

    Access to experts and talents, who can digitally transform a company.

  • Major focus for Members will be the industrial sectors in Bulgaria. InnoCenter BG will support companies from energy and utilities, financial and banking sector, manufacturing and public sector and thus will cover three of the four thematic priority areas of the national Strategy for Smart Specialization 2014-2020, i.e. ICT, mechatronics and health industry and biotechnologies.

  • Working Groups

    The InnoCenter BG organizes its activities through permanent working groups and project working groups. Permanent working groups are set up to apply for European programs, Industry 4.0, on digitisation of education, and on the priorities set out in the Vision. Project working groups are a key mechanism for providing benefits to participants. For each project the InnoCenter BG creates a separate working group, including advisers and experts, as well as the contracting participant.

  • Permanent Working Groups:

    For applying for European and Other Funding Programs

    Contact person:
    ARC Consulting EOOD,
    Todor Galev,

    Industry 4.0

    Contact person:
    Interconsult Bulgaria OOD,
    Stoyan Boev,

    Digitisation of Education

    Contact person:
    Ballistic Cell OOD,
    Yulian Petkov, petkov@ballisticcell.com

  • The main mechanism of providing value to its members is the ability to form unlimited number of working groups from the different target groups in the InnoCenter BG (large companies, SMEs, innovators and entrepreneurs). On the principle of cooperation, the working groups will be formed to solve challenges of interest of the working group founder(s). InnoCenter BG will provide the service of assembling a team of experts, innovators, experienced managers in delivering innovation solutions to enable the realisation of PoC projects.